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Liffey predator in the net


It’s all about confidence! It influences our moods, our decisions, outcomes, lives.

From the Cambridge dictionary online:

feeling of having little doubt about yourself and your abilities, or a feeling of trust in someone or something:”

What gives us confidence?

Being “Suited & booted”?  Being well prepared for work in the morning. Up early, 3 S’s done and a good coffee and in early, no rushing.

Presentation or similar, again well prepared, rehearsed, know the subject matter, material all in place etc

Sporting event? Marathon? Training miles done, carbs loaded, all gone to plan, that makes you confident you can do it.

Experience? Done it before, many times, tweaked, adjusted, refined whatever it is. Presentation? Pitch?  Marathon? That makes for confidence.

You can have confidence in your partner, doctor, coach, financial advisor.

Makes their advice and your course of action based on that advice much easier to follow knowing that you are confident in their abilities.

You can have confidence in your watch, car etc that they will not let you down when cared for etc.

What about fishing?? This is after all a fly fishing related blog, site etc.

Hares’s ear nymph, pheasant tail nymph? Parachute Adams or Klinkammer? What have you got confidence in? What method, fly, line are you confident in producing fish for you?

Have you an “old faithful” or a “go to” fly that always comes off the fly patch first or is sitting in your fly box in row after row like a full parade ground of uniformed soldiers?

What about a new method? A new fly?

How do you acquire confidence in it? How can you have trust in it to produce or in your ability to use it? Does it need to work straight away or can you be confident in persevering with it, knowing that it will work? Or you are doing it right?

We have confidence in all the patterns we sell here, having designed, tied, tried and tested over a long period of time.

It can be difficult to set aside your favourite dry fly, nymphs or team of spiders and try a new method like streamer fishing.

When a lot of people see some of the streamer patterns out there, confidence is often not what springs to mind. A 5,6,7 cm creation with eyes can be pretty intimidating to some when compared to a svelte size 16 nymph or a size 18 dry fly which they equate with fly fishing for trout. “That’s a pike fly!” people often exclaim. A trout would never take that usually follows.

A confidence trick is what you can read from people’s thoughts.

Well here at Impact Fly Fishing we have a lot of confidence in this type of fishing. So much so, we decided to set up a business based on it!

We have confidence in all the patterns we sell here, having designed, tied, tried and tested over a long period of time.

We would like to help you with your confidence in streamer fishing and that the streamer patterns and other flies sold here work. By sharing our experience and confidence we hope to enhance yours. As time goes by here at Impact we hope to be a one stop shop for streamer fishing. So confident are we that it is a great addition to the fly fishing experience.

We are confident that we can help you and we will do our very best to do so.

Just have the confidence to ask.


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