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Looking to give your partner/friend/family member a gift? A fly fishing gift? Some flies? Fly fishers LOVE flies, especially well tied, beautiful ones!

Great, you want flies but what type? Where to start? We specialise in Streamer flies, Amazing ones!

(Check out our Why Streamers? post)

Ok Impact streamer flies it is, that part of decision made, what then?

Let us help! 

You can buy one of our selections such as the Magnificent 7. Still not sure?  

We can offer you a voucher just contact us here or drop us a mail to in**@im**************.com 

OR, if you would prefer to hand over a physical gift like one of our beautiful boxes of streamers and watch their eyes widen in awe at the contents as they open it, let us help. 

Mail us. We can put together a hamper/gift box of flies for you depending on your price point starting at €50. We can post it to you to hand over personally (bestest!!) Alternatively we can post your gift directly to them with a personalised message. Your call!

 (p.s., whatever you do, don’t buy your favourite fishy friend another pair of polyester socks with a trout or fly motif again, take it from us…..

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