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Our Eco Ethos @ Impact Fly Fishing

Ok,  so we are part of the supply chain.. we supply, we sell.  We get deliveries, we send deliveries..


We love fishing… we love the outdoors.  We use, enjoy and appreciate nature..


How do we reconcile it???


We can’t change the world on our own. We can do little things, little things because we are a little enterprise and little things add up.

So what are we doing here at Impact Fly Fishing?

We are avoiding use of plastic bubble wraps. We will use recycled newspapers collected from my folks instead. Just like they used to use to wrap chips and delph in.

We are using eco boxes, which is a little extra cost to us and less cost for all of us. Our streamers are embedded in salvaged foam insulation. This is not to keep our woolly buggers warm but as an eco-friendly alternative to using other materials. 

Our leaders and tools are not in plastic bags as that make no sense to us. 

We use An Post (the Irish postal service)and the local postman will literally collect your order so we wont burn fuel getting to the post office. 

On your end the local post service will post through your letterbox as these people are likely to be visiting your place anyway that day thus cutting back on those solo deliveries/ journeys. We have used letterboxed size package where possible so you don’t miss a delivery and add an unneccesary journey.

We have sourced very high quality tools, and have tested them for over 2 years and know they will last. This makes financial and eco sense. Our nippers (Line cutting tool) will last you far longer than the cheap “disposable” items that are common in the market. 

The hooks we use are the very best quality available. They are designed to stand up to the rigours of streamer fishing.

We are stocking tippet in 50m length instead of 25m because it makes sense, economically for you and ecologically for all of us. Our premium quality tippet will hang on to your streamers for longer and prevent you leaving decorations in the trees.

Our leaders come with tippet rings so you don’t burn through them by clipping them back when tying knots, flies etc.


We are trying to hold more stock and make larger orders as opposed to having ‘just in time” deliveries to us, even if our accountant is not that fond of it.


We recommend you buy one of our packages of streamers, leaders, tippets etc and we price it to incentivise that. This reduces the eco cost of each item as opposed to more deliveries and packaging.


Ok, so you get the idea, its the little things like back in the day when we were the weirdos, bringing the rucsac to the supermarket instead of taking plastic shopping bags at the till. As anglers we see the very visible consequences of plastic on the river bank.

Now our kids are telling us the “Three R’s” are Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!

We are listening

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Thanks for the post, T.C. I really enjoyed the thought you put into this, and if you were hoping it would make me more likely to purchase your products, I certainly feel it did that. It’s always great to get behind like-minded suppliers.

Please do post more content like this.

P.S. I liked the shorter paragraphs. They read nice and easy.

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