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You are going to buy quality Impact streamers & flies here.
That is great for us to hear. We know that trout will want to take them from you! What’s going to stop them?
What’s between your fly line and your Impact streamer?
You need to add an Impact leader and Impact tippet!
Whether it’s an articulated streamer like the beautiful Mary Banger or one of our conehead woolly buggers or the simple but deadly F-Fly dry fly, the leader you choose is vitally important (like in a democracy!).

How do you choose a fly leader or tippet?

What are you looking for in a leader for articulated streamers ?

You need to go bigger and shorter! You won’t win if too thin. You got to be able to turn over these streamers and flies and a 12ft 6x leader and .16 tippet will not work. Go big or go home! Lineshy is not an issue we have found when fishing streamers!

We stock larger diameter fluorocarbon tippet in eco friendly and economical 50m spools here at Impact flyfishing.

If fishing on the other end of the spectrum with say an F-Fly , a tapered leader is vital for successful presentation.

Tapered leaders are there to connect your fly to your fly line & transfer energy to ensure best presentation of your fly. Often referred to as turnover of the fly as the energy transfer from the line is transferred down the leader to ensure the fly lands at the end of the leader and not in a mess of a puddle. The presentation of a dry fly for example requires a much lower impact than say a trio of tungsten nymphs.

You can grab some here too in and economical & eco friendly 3 pack. These Impact leaders give a better turnover than your mammy ever made! We have added a trio of the very best quality 1.5mm (6kg strength) seamless tippet rings to each pack of three leaders. This is a unique approach in this market and makes a lot of sense for the customer

Impact leaders & tippet. Your best connection since your umbilical cord!

Take me to your Impact Leader!