Boyne Bugger Articulated Streamer


The River Boyne. Famous in ancient Irish legend for the Salmon of knowledge and the pursuit of it by Finnegas, a bard of note. While the perseverance of Finnegas was rewarded and he eventually caught the salmon of knowledge (lesson in itself), Fionn McCumhaill was the ultimate beneficiary of it’s wisdom but that’s off point here.

You too can benefit from our perseverance in  and knowledge gained from developing this fly. A bugger with a difference. Articulated, Skullheaded, rubberlegged in splendid black & green, it is an action figure streamer. This could have saved Finnegas a lot of years. Mind you it may have caught the salmon of knowledge or any salmon, brown trout or seatrout for Finnegas. It has proven itself well in producing an excellent stamp of those fish and not just in the river where it derives its name from.

Share in the heritage.

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