What the F!!!?  This is a streamer fishing site! What is a ridiculously simple little dry fly doing here? If it’s not careful it will get devoured by one of our Streamers! (better buy some now, just in case!)

We are fly anglers, we love fly fishing and at times very partial to the delights of hunting with a dry fly.  The F-Fly is here because it is one of our go to patterns and has produced many quality trout for us.  Where the stalk & presentation of the fly is key in our regards, this simple pattern suggestive of an emerger,  a dun or sedge/ caddis is a great first choice in most situations.  As handy as a multi-tool to have with you! 

We owe Slovenian master fly fisher,the late Marjan Fratnik a great deal of debit for the original dry fly.

This pattern we have here is tweaked slightly with a sparce spikey body to create dimples in the surface film and using a stronger & larger gape which both aids in the way the fly sits and presents with giving a sure hookhold, so important with bigger trout. As always with Impact we one use the highest quality hooks as the foundation to a great fly!

A classic.  A simple but extremely effective dry-fly.  

Add some to your fly box now!

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