Fire Tiger Bugger


Black, brown, olive, grizzly, Firetiger?

What fish doesnt like Fire Tiger colours? A little Secret… Salmon absolutely burst this fly!

The Fire Tiger Bugger, should call this Fun Tiger Bugger!  Going tropical with the colours here with bright fluoro orange conehead & legs, fluorescent green body and more fluorescence in the marabou tail sitting over a butt of krystal flash. Did we mention the green barred rubber legs too? More  fluoro colours & movement than a late 80’s acid house dancefloor!

As dizzy as this may sound, there is method in the apparent madness! Over the years orange, fluoro green and yellow are all well established colours in salmon patterns here in Ireland and further afield. When our silver friends go a little dour, the action of this fly wakes them up big time! In dirty, stained and clearing water these colours have put a lot of accidental big trout on river banks. Bringing this on a bit we have found these colours very good for specifically targeting trout and have outplayed their more sombre cousins on many occasions. This is a great allround fly and one we have had sucess with in low clear water also.

To see all these colours in one place is a bit of a sensory explosion in your flybox. To see it in the scissors of a beautifully coloured trout in your landing net, priceless!

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