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Headroom Streamer Fly box

Got some big streamers? Say 10 cm with big fat muddler heads? Muddler heads that you don’t want to squash? These big flies will not be comfortable or at home in standard fly boxes designed for nymphs or petite wet flies or dries.. These puppies need a full size kennel!

At 3.2 cm high, the Headroom Streamer fly box has plenty of ceiling space to spare in it’s high quality clear plastic construction & clever rust free hinging. A 10mm bed of quality high density coloured and slotted EVA foam will provide a comfortable and secure hold. There is plenty of head room for those muddler heads and other tall flies, ones that get pinched down and damaged in other boxes. The over all size of the box is 22.3cm x 11cm. Even though larger than most pocket boxes it will fit perfectly into wading jacket pockets. The box is constructed of MBS resin that has a high impact resistance and will retain its transparency over time. 

As you know from our article on choosing Streamer flies for your box we divide our streamers into three categories Swim flies, Push flies and Jig flies. So you can divide them into different boxes like we do. Say You are streamside and delving into your gamebag or pack and wondering which is where. Our three different bright base colours will allow you to colour code your selections! Bit like a Traffic light system of green/yellow and red and you can choose which depending on your preference. Easier to find as a result and anything that makes life easier for you and your streamers is a good thing. 

We have tested these boxes extensively and believe they are the best solution for the mobile angler. We are very proud of them and its goes without saying, like all of our products, we will continue to use them ourselves above anything else available on the market. they are truly built to last.

These boxes are built by us here in Ireland using repurposed EVA foam. The foam is a very high density in order to minimise trapping moisture which is the enemy of all fly boxes. The crappy grey slotted foam in many boxes on the market is useless as it rusts your flies! We have deliberately avoided a  waterproof seal in this box as our experience with waterproof sealed fly boxes is that they trap moisture having been stored closed after fishing and rust your flies. The foam in the Head Room Streamer box is removable so you can dry it in case your box goes swimming or gets wet on those dirty streamer days. We have cut the slots to accommodate all fly sizes from 20 up to 6/0 as this box is perfect for all environments including saltwater.

So an excellent choice to store safely and securely your quality large streamers and other large flies such as large surface flies and terrestrials. 

Rust proof

High Impact Resistance

Robust and easy open mechanism



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