Lester the Nightfly Articulated Streamer


Called after a character in a song 

With glitzy black and gold attire, this articulated streamer has more than a hint of rock n roll in it’s genes.  Lester throws shapes in the water with an action that would put many a strutting frontman to shame!

Designed as a weightless swim fly with a broad deer hair wedgehead cut shovel style to enhance its’ action, this articulated streamer will dance back and forth in an enticing manner that will turn big trout into frenzied groupies throwing themselves at this star of a streamer!

We have the fish whisperer Tommy Lynch to thank for the amazing wedge head style front end that causes the fly to move erratically in 4 different directions! Tommy is one of our streamer wielding heroes and a serious innovator in streamer fly design. The Lester has some of the features of the famous Drunk and Disorderly fly.

Perfect on a sinking line, a light and easy streamer to cast. Lester should be fished with short sharp pulls and will duck and dive to that demon jive! 

The biggest mistake with this fly is to “rip it back” 

Designed as a “nightfighter” so to speak, to tease those big fish who are active at and after dusk. It’s deer hair wedge head causing a disturbance that along with its’ eye catching movement will get those big trout up and dancing! Sea trout love this thing!

Tied on the finest Ahrex Streamer specific hooks, Lester will have a siren-like appeal to fish!

So add Lester to your playlist and not just in the evenings and rock out with some big trout!

Add to your record streamer collection now!

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