Mayfly Main course dry fly selection


Tired of your fly box being a graveyard for uninspiring flies that never see the light of day? Here at Impact Fly Fishing, we understand the frustration of trying to match the hatch with a lackluster mayfly selection. That’s why we created our premium collection of dry mayflies to get you hooked up to a dry fly donkey!

Our flies are meticulously crafted with the finest materials, ensuring they’re not only durable but also irresistible to trout.

This selection boasts a wide variety of patterns, so you’ll have the perfect fly to match any mayfly emergence, from the delicate Blue Dun to the robust March Brown. We’ve got something for every picky eater on both Lough and river!

So ditch the dead flies and cast your cares away with our top-of-the-line mayfly selection. We guarantee it’ll leave you saying, “May the best fish win!” and not, “Mayfly? More like maybe-fly!”

Order yours today and experience the difference quality flies can make!

18 dry flies in total

Slick drifter spent x 3

Keith tied this one to sit in the film for flat calms and oily slicks. The Deer hair body is very cool. It’s great on the river too.

McGnat x 3

This is a really good spent pattern. It has accounted for a number of big trout. Keith got a stunning fish estimated between 6 & 7lbs on the river in 2023 on this one. It takes the best elements of a number of spent patterns and includes a cdc body with a moose mane tail.

CDC Mayfly dun x3

Size 10 A good all-round Mayfly pattern. CDC body dubbing with a pinch of deerhair dubbing.

Paraglider x3

One of Keith’s mayfly patterns. A reverse parachute styley, it sits low one the water and stands proud like a sailboat. Great for hatching mayfly on river and lough.

Kid C Mayfly x3

A small and sparse pattern in nice olive dress. It has taken river trout to 6.5lbs for Keith. A nice one for the west of Ireland loughs when fish are on Mayfly Duns.

Yellow Humpy x3

The Humpy is a classic it just works everywhere. In Ireland a lot of lake anglers fish it for trout that are on Mayfly duns. However don’t be afraid to tie one on at anytime. It’s a high riding fly and a great fast water pattern too. We like them fat like our trout!