Mousey McMouse Face


This is a version of Clark Pierce’s wonderful mouse fly with some adjustments in terms of foam shape, hook sizes, material mobility and a spot of flash. Night fishing for trout is little practised this side of the pond but in the right conditions is equally effective here and everywhere trout swim. Big trout feed in low light and at night. This stunning fly uses the finest rabbit and squrriel zonker for super realistic movement. It’s a common misconception that you need a plague of mice near the water for mouse flies to be effective. Brown trout are opportunists and if a small creature appears skurrying across the surface, it is mr brown’s job to kill it.

We’ve put a light flexible wire in the tail stinger hook as pike are also rather keen on it.

This fly solves a major problem with fishing surface flies for brown trout. Many fish react to big surface lures but are not hooked. With Mousey, the trailing stinger and tail rides below the surface and greatly helps convert takes into actual hook ups. The fly rides in the surface film and the foam back and head keep it floating and creating a tremendious “V” wake. With low water in summer, night time is the time to go fishing for the big guys! This is also a sea trout killer.

If you fish where pike live we recommend using a wire trace!

  • Irresistible profile: Mimics a large struggling being, a prime target for night time brown trout.
  • Ultra-buoyant: Designed to stay afloat and ride upright on even the fastest current, creating a tempting silhouette.
  • Built to last: Crafted with durable materials to withstand many toothy trout.
  • Wired to the moon: If you meet a pike, Mousey wont loose his tail.