Muddler minnow


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An oldie but a goodie! Muddler minnows or just “Muddlers” have been around for a very long time and for very good reasons. One of the first and original Streamers and up there with Woolly Buggers & Mickey Finn’s in terms of their pioneering contributions to the Streamer fishing scene. 

They had to go in our selection and we have chosen two lovely samples of this fly for you. 

Like gents shoes, really the only colours to go with are black or brown! Proven staples in a proven fly. 

Fish this fly up top or down deep. It’s use as a surface fly gives it a very thrilling visual aspect and you may see that big trout head & tail it as it swings through a pool. A wonderful bob fly too for loch fishing on a big wave !

Add some to your box now!

(See our separate Muddler fishing advice!)