Olive Skull Bugger


The Woolly Bugger is a staple of Streamer fishing!  A real “ Hall of  Famer “ in the Streamer  world. 

We call it a gateway streamer and is addictive in its own right!

It works across species and from running water to lakes, it just inspires takes!

For those dipping their toes into streamer fishing, a selection of our Woolly Buggers are a great choice. Not as big as hardcore articulated streamers, easier to cast with lighter lines and such an established pattern it is easy to have confidence in. 

While such a successful pattern, we have seen a lot of poor imitations. Those cheap Woolly Buggers on long shank hooks that look so dead in the water that only a necrophiliac trout would be interested in them.

The patterns here at Impact fly fishing have much more “life” & action incorporated into them and you can tell the difference in the water and in the results they can bring.

Tied on high quality Gamakatsu hooks using quality materials, these are quality versions of a quality fly to either have as stock in your flybox or to start your streamer fishing odyssey. 

Olive?  A really great colour to have in your arsenal of Streamers & Woolly Buggers.  A very successful  colour in Iceland on trips there  and was more often on the leader than not. A subtle but lethal colour, this one has skullhead, an effective trigger point too. Act like Popeye and hang out with Olive a lot more! Another must have for your flybox.

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