Purdie Minnow


The Purdie Minnow has been a longtime in development. We wanted a fly for small rivers that would get down in the water column quickly and have a jig action. The Purdie Minnow is tied on a weighted jig hook, which helps it to sink quickly to the desired depth. It designed to imitate a wounded minnow. It is named after the Purdie Shuffle, the legendary funky drum beat that creates a syncopated, unpredictable rhythm. The movement of the Purdie Minnow in the water is similar to the Purdie Shuffle, as it creates an erratic, darting motion that is sure to attract the attention of predatory fish.

The Purdie Minnow includes a dabbler style wing so deadly for baitfish imitations.

To fish the Purdie Minnow, simply cast it out and retrieve it with a series of short, erratic pulls. You can also deaddrift it and tightline it.

The Purdie Minnow is a versatile fly that can be used in a variety of water conditions. The fly is also effective in a variety of depths, making it a great choice for both shallow and deeper pools.