Sheelin Humongous


The Sheelin Humongous is as you can guess called after Lough Sheelin in Cavan Ireland. While not one of the Great Western lakes it is a great lake nonetheless for producing a high quality of trout. Well known for its Mayfly & Spent Mayfly fishing, many are realising that these quality fish are not rearing themselves on Mayfly or buzzers alone but like some big chunks of protein in their diet, not just in early and late season but on an ongoing basis.

A Humongous features in a lot of the fishing reports from Sheelin especially in the early season. The humongous comes from a strong background on the Stillwater & reservoir scene and looks to be related to the Woolly Bugger family. Ours shares a lot of DNA with our buggers and could be considered a very good looking cousin. Not just good looking but very well built with excellent movement & presence. This is due to its flowing marabou tail and rich body of gold silver and Grizzly, counterbalanced with a small fish skull head that adds to the drop on the pause of the retrieve, the addition of mobile legs and crystal flash that makes big trout want to elope with it. Fished alone or on the point it brings results, great results!

This fly will produce in running water too as well as on loughs like it’s namesake Sheelin and any body of water where trout are seeking a good portion of quality protein. Add some of these to the family gathering of our Wooly Buggers.


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