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Supreme Leader Dry Fly Taper (3 pack with tippet rings)


Wow! Our dedicated dry fly leader. 9 ft/274 cm of copolymer with a 0.53mm butt tapering to a 0.22 tip for exquisite dry fly presentations.

We have spent considerable time on the water to get the right profile dry fly leader. You can pay alot of money for thick “Powerflex” leader profiles.. why? Our Supreme Leaders give you what the fish really want:¬† beautiful turnover with a thistledown landing!

Comes in a mega value 3 pack in eco packaging (no plastic bag here!!) That’s not all!!

Here is the unique bit… This 3 pack of leaders comes with three premium 1.5mm (6kg strength) seamless tippet rings in each packet!! There are many tippet rings out there that will cut your tippet These are as smooth as a babys bum and tested on plenty of big fish. That means you can attach seamless tippet rings either straight away or after a few outings and match to our Impact¬† .20mm fluorocarbon tippet for excellent dry fly presentation..

This 3 pack will last you a long time based on this and importantly save you valuable fishing time thanks to the sue of the rings enclosed.

As anglers we know the value of this!


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