The Big Timer


A spare slim articulated streamer with big ambitions and results in a neon chartreuse and silver and a touch of gold. Saltwater anglers have long been on top of slim wispy flies to create the illusion of life. It’s saltwater heritage is also visible in this colour scheme with an excellent trigger point in it’s skull head which also adds to it’s movement.. It’s chartreuse shines bright and can be spotted easily as you retrieve it through the water and will often see it disappearing before you feel the violent take. It has proved itself for browns and sea trout in freshwater both in Ireland and Iceland. It’s tied on Gamakatsu corrosion resistant hooks so feel free to take it to the salt for Sea Bass and Sea Trout but we recommend snipping the back hook if releasing Bass as they have a tendency to swallow this thing! It’s name comes from the active imagination of a then 7 year old who when he saw the results it produced named it thus.