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Tool Combo Pack


Get our Handy Dandy Foreceps and El Slice Nippers for an incredible price! Packaged in our Impact ECO box would make a superb gift for any Angler!

You save €9.95 by buying them together!!!

EL Slice Nippers

This is no ordinary Nippers!

Nippers are such an overlooked little bit of fishing kit. Some people even do without, preferring to bite/ gnaw chew their tippet & leader. Try that with our 0.35mm diameter Streamer fluorocarbon tippet, it’s so tough that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend you use a nippers! (Do you feel happy to assist with more extras on their luxury car purchase!)

When fishing with these heavier duty leaders/tippets we recommend a nice simple hiqh quality line cutting machine.

Our premium Impact nippers are small, with a nice bit of weight to them, sweet ergonomic touch and super sharp and precise. They are manufactured by people with a lot of experience in the blade business and who produce very sharp implements indeed!

On the edge of the nippers is an exposed eye cleaning needle which is very handy addition. While not an issue with glue/ varnish blocking the eyes on our Impact streamers & dries (all checked before boxing here!) you are probably familiar with trying to thread an eye with errant varnish/glue in it. Having an eye cleaning needle to hand is great in these circumstances (and your “eye teeth “or your nail clippers do not work here!).

These will last and you can add them to a zinger or lanyard through the opening for that.

We have fished with this nippers for 3 seasons and don’t recommend it lightly. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and a great practical fly fishing tool for your own use or a great gift to someone!

Handy Dandy Foreceps

Forceps now!!!

How many times have we heard that call in medical dramas?? It’s up there with “stay with me” in stock phrasing !!

Here at Impact we can answer that call right now with a forceps that can be right at hand due to it’s built in snap style clip which is incorporated into the handle.

Have you ever been trout fingered? We have!! It really hurts for days! You don’t want to mess with the teeth of a big brown trout!.

This is a really high end precision fishing tool! It will grab a single strand of hair. We know, we have tested it!

You know all those D-rings on your wading jacket, vest, waders, pack, tackle bag. It will swing out of any of those securely . It’s got coated handles to aid in grip, a big plus for wet fishy hands!

The forceps is really important for quickly and safely removing your streamers from fish and is also essential for de-barbing hooks and it cuts line, predator wire and braid and has an eye cleaning needle to boot!

We have deliberately put fluoro green accents on the handle to ensure that it is easier to spot if it drops into the water or so that it doesn’t avoid detection in your tackle bag or in the car.

We have been road testing this forceps here at Impact for 3 seasons and really can’t fault it.

NB. As per our Eco ethos these products do not come with any Point of Sale material, no backing cards, plastic packaging etc. We have designed our orders  with that in mind and will deliver them that way. This cuts both the financial & Eco cost of the product to you! Did we mention already that you save €9.95 by buying them together?!!! A discount of just on 20%!!