Trigger Treat Articulated Streamer


Big hello to this new member of the KM Signature range, Trigger Treat!
Yes, you read that correctly, Trigger Treat not “Trick or Treat”. We often talk here @ about triggering a reaction from our prey and presenting them a tempting treat
as well! (Who, trout included does not like a well presented treat?)
This articulated streamer tied on a pair of the finest Ahrex streamer specific hooks is designed as a
weightless “swim” fly. With a large distinctive deerhair head designed to push water and create a
significant disturbance it will trigger trout sonar! This weightless streamer has an excellent lateral
movement and will trick you (& trout) into thinking it has a wounded erratic action. The head
accentuates the movement of the articulation in it’s tail section which is extended through the rear
body with use of twin tail schlappen feathers. This version of trigger treat is in “troutcatchy”yellow.
Yellow is an excellent colour and a must have on certain rivers in certain conditions (think peaty water clearing after a flood). We are happy
to add it to the KM stable.
So get “triggered” in a positive way and treat yourself and your trout to some of these high quality
streamers !