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Volvo xc90 Fly Fishing car

Road Trip.. (Part one..)

Waking up before the alarm goes off on the phone, super early. Slide silently out of the bedroom and get dressed in the kitchen  while fixing an espresso. Flasks filled with boiling water, into the lunch box (an inadequate term for the plastic storage container that holds the catering needs for the trip!). Do a final scan of the gear, rods, clothing, waders etc. There is way too much kit for the trip but better to be looking at it than looking for it.

Heading out the door, a small child is stirring. A waker at this unearthly hour would be a big problem. Going to miss the family for the duration and have that small sliver of guilt about another fishing trip.


Easing out of the lane and the barren back roads and onto the main road, heading to the city to pick up my fishing partner. Heavy goods lorries and the odd car are the only other fellow travellers at this hour on this big artery until the kms click by and get closer to the city.


Off the motorway and into still quiet suburbs, just a milkman and some taxis about until I pull up at my fishing partners house. The light is on in his porch and door ajar, another heap of fishing gear sits ready to be loaded. He hears me reversing up his drive and is out with a megawatt smile. I can feel the aura of excitement from him after my solitary drive.



He loads up the boot, both of us decrying the amount of gear and then justifying it. He closes the front door with the stealth of  a reverse burglar and is in the car in seconds. Heading west, he whips out a flybox to display some new creations. We are on the road, the trip is live.


He whips out a flybox to display some new creations. We are on the road, the trip is live

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