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To paraphrase a famous Hollywood movie quote:

“My fishing partner always said life was like a box of flies. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Ok, bar you tie the box yourself, I know…

Well outside that, you order flies & take a bit of a leap especially if you have not ordered from that company/shop/tier before. 

Even when you have, it may not be the same, now using a different hook supplier, materials or tier. 

Kind of like a restaurant, same place, same menu  but that food sometimes is not what you remember or were expecting. Usually that leaves you disappointed

We like consistency.

In that we like consistently good, whether it is your coffee or your phone coverage. Same goes with flies, tippet etc.


To this end Impact Fly Fishing aim to use the same suppliers with the consistency that this gives. We spec the same hooks, hooks we know and trust and have done so over time. Spec these across the range of streamers with only sizes varying. 

The range we have chosen to stock is not infinite. It doesn’t need to be. We are not trying to be all things to all people. We sell streamers. That may be like a box of dark chocolates, 80% cocoa at that. Not to everyone’s taste but to those who like their chocolate dark, very satisfying.

Just like a chocolatier trying to fill a box of chocolates, we have had to make choices. Not just what to put in but what to leave out. What compliments the selection, what is in the required range of the tastebuds so to speak.

It’s not easy and that tray fills up fast. Then you look at it and realise that while full, it is missing chocolate/fly X. Something has to come out to put that in. Just when you thought it was all sorted, it’s back to decisions.



Our decisions have been made. Based on years of experience of designing, tying and fishing these flies. These are our decisions, our choices at this moment in time. They may change a little in the future, may not, never say never.

You can choose your own chocolates from our selection box. You will adopt your own favourites, ones that you will keep going back to time after time. 

Some you may try which do not suit your tastebuds or your settings but they will be coveted by someone (we hope). 

Like your favourite chocolates we wish that they will be your consistent favourites and when you bite you will know what you are going to get..

We like consistency.

In that we like consistently good, whether it is your coffee or your phone coverage. Same goes with flies, tippet etc

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