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The name Game

Choosing a name. How hard could it be?

I have named my kids & been very happy with the outcome, I’ve no regrets. It too was a collaborative affair and we easily reached a unanimous decision each time. Ok, there was some messing on my part to wind up my partner with names that would annoy. She saw the joke a mile off and raised the stakes in messing.

We had to name our house as the postman required it in the absence of postcodes and the preponderance of that surname in the district (not even relations!)

That was weirdly hard. A bit like kids names in that it has a long term effect. There is a need to avoid pretentiousness. Not too long, clear in its meaning and intention.

We got there too, and are very happy with the name.

Well, onto picking a business name, a brand name.

A minefield.

Again, choosing a name in a partnership. Is that a help or a hindrance? 

A help, a reality check, a handbrake on some of the crazier wanderings of my mind. “Genocidal or trouticidal flies” with patterns named after infamous despots like Vlad the Impaler.

A thumbs down on the Whatsapp like a cold spoon did the trick there. 

My partner who is a far more visual thinker than I, was thinking in terms of graphics, colours, images, atmospherics in order to capture the weather conditions and the beauty of the streamers and their catch. So hard to capture that “mind’s eye picture” in a word or phrase or an acronym.

A good idea would occur and a name check would show it was already in use.

Back to the drawing board with emails, whatsapps and conversations.

Firing possibles at family members, they would shake their head, laugh and go right back to what they were doing. 

Looking for inspiration everywhere in daily life.. ”Dinner Bell flies”.

Politics… “Bugly”.

Literature…”Catch 21”, punning it with launch date year. “Artemis fly Co.” .. “Fowl” cried the kids.

Acronyms.. SWAT (Streamers , widgets &, tactics) USO ( unidentified swimming objects)

On & on & on..

We wanted something to have an impact..

Impact! We both came at that one at different times…

Cambridge dictionary online:

the force or action of one object hitting another:

powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person

Well now..

A fish hitting a streamer? Check!

The impact streamers have had on our fishing experience? Check!

Now.. what about a graphic?….Font..How would that look..

Impact FlyFishing

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