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Impact Fly Fishing Co is a partnership of two experienced and avid fly anglers based in Ireland who are skilled and keen exponents of Streamer Fishing.

Keith McDonnell is an APGAI advanced casting instructor with the Game Angling Instructors Association.

He is based in Dublin in Ireland and has been fly fishing like his life depended on it for over 25 years and a qualified instructor for 14 years.

He has been running his Fluffchucker website since 2009. 

Keith’s big interest is in targeting large wild river trout with streamers and developing interesting patterns for these predatory fish. Keith has contributed to the development of Streamer fishing and flytying in Europe via many publications, podcasts, demonstrations and instruction. 

It’s important to mention the influence that big fly innovators such as Tommy Lynch and Kelly Galloup have had on Keith’s approach to streamer fishing. However, we are a small island in the north Atlantic with native wild trout and long before the internet took over we have had to figure a lot of this stuff out for ourselves.

Keith has fished streamers almost exclusively for the last 19 seasons. The results of this we are now making available to you by passing on knowledge and experience through this website and hopefully growing the shared knowledge of this fascinating branch of fly fishing.

He has fished in many great fishing destinations around the world including: New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Tasmania, Iceland & Slovenia. Given the choice it would be to fish a dropping summer flood on one of the limestone rivers of Ireland.

He also has a small bit of a dry fly addiction that can occasionally get in the way! 

When he isn’t fishing he normally has a camera or a paintbrush in his hand in an effort to capture the beauty of game angling and his work has appeared in many publications in Ireland, UK and USA.

drop Keith a line at: ke***@st*************.com

We established Impact Fly Fishing with the aim to supply you with the finest streamers and related items and share our passion and knowledge of this exciting area of fly fishing

His fishing/business partner & “shadow” is a publicity shy trout nut and will take very much a background role.  He is the hand model for the majority of fish featured here.

Some of his meanderings will appear under “TC Kingsmill Mick” in our blog. “Silent Partner” TC Mick has been chasing trout since childhood and he is totally besotted by them with a particular fondness for seatrout (if one had to choose!).

He has spent time with all forms of flyfishing for trout from Tenkara to Trout Spey and nearly every weight in between from 0WT to 9WT SH &10/11DH in Ireland and further afield.  A lover of angling books and the sheer enjoyment of being by any water that holds trout, he may be spotted peering over bridges in the strangest of places. A fan of innovation and experimentation in fishing. TC’s favourite fly is without doubt a black conehead Woolly Bugger and he has caught some amazing trout and big Salmon on them in Ireland.

TC has been a long term fishing partner of Keith’s, sharing in the development & testing of many of the patterns in use here. The McGenius is one he is particularly proud of. TC will regularly be reflecting on their experiences, adventures and learnings in blog here alongside hand modelling and trout holding duties…

Impact Fly Fishing was established with the aim to supply you with the finest streamers and related items and share our passion and knowledge of this exciting area of fly fishing.

drop Mick a line at: mi**@st*************.com


Conor Kirby
Irish Angler

If you’re after big wild Irish brown trout Keith is your man! very helpful and a fantastic fly tier

Shaun Brown

I’d spent a lot of time watching YouTube vids and trying to teach myself how to fly fish, with very little success on the water.  I had a two hour lesson from Keith, and gained more from those two hours, than the days wasted on YouTube or at the river catching trees and spooking fish.  I’ve since had a number of casting lessons , and spent time on the river with Keith. His knowledge is exceptional, he is personable his ability to teach and part with that knowledge is excellent .  As with alI sports and skills, I believe that regardless of your level or experience,  a coaching session would help any angler looking to improve their game,  and Keith is an excellent coach.

Martin Kiely
Professional Caster 3 times winner of Spey O Rama world championships Senior division 2016/18/19
I first met Keith Mc Donnell some years ago at the Galway fly fair since then I have had some dealings with him, he is an fountain of knowledge when it comes to streamer flies for trout, exceptional caster, casting instructor, fly tier, very professional in what he loves doing he is also a pleasure to deal with and above all a gentleman.
I would recommend Keith and any information  gained from Keith would be an investment and exceptional learning curve with one of the best in the business.
Frank Hall
Southside Angling

One of the pioneers of American style big streamer fishing for wild river browns in Ireland. Awesome flies, very helpful modest angler. Great photographer

Tomas Pastorek

I met with Keith on Galway Fly fair few years back and we had a great chat about streamer tactics,he was very helpful and his knowledge about streamer fishing it’s amazing,his flies are work of art and i still have some of his flies which I found great when I’m tying my own just to see and feel right proportions.

Declan Smith
Fly Fisherman

Tied a few of your articulated streamers after seeing you on Peter Drivers Saturday night fly tying. Have used them to great effect and wow yes they do attract a particular size of fish. Many thanks and well done

Joe Russell

I read an article or comment somewhere online – it read something like when people are heading back to the car as the rivers high and cloudy saying its to high and dirty to fish you smiled and thought – perfect conditions . Now I always take my streamer rod just incase the rivers high and dirty when Iarrive . It works and you’ve added another dimension to my fly fishing game . Good luck with things and WELL DONE!

Paul Clarke
Fly Fisherman

I hooked and landed a specimen sized sea trout north of 5lb on my local river, thanks to one of Keith’s Boyne Bugger articulated flies. A fish of a lifetime that will live long in my memory! Keith’s passion for and ability to catch big fish is very inspiring. A quick look through some of the amazing pictures of his catches helps to keep my dream of landing that big brownie alive.

Chris Aldred
Master Casting Instructor and Swift Fly Fishing Ambassador

I’ve known Keith for a number of years, his knowledge and attitude is incredible, he is the “Godfather” and “goto” for Uk & Ireland streamer fishing, if you want help, flies or techniques then Keith is the man to ask. I was lucky enough to receive a collection of flies from Keith and this helped expand my knowledge on how to tie these often complex patterns. He’s also a handsome devil.

Damien O'Brien
Fly Casting Instructor, Angler & Conservationist

Keith is both innovative and pioneering in how he approaches fishing for big trout. He is to the forefront when it comes to streamer fishing and his patterns have proved to be extremely effective, not just here in Ireland, but also in rivers as far away as Patagonia. Keith is also a highly qualified casting instructor, guide and mentor and his instruction techniques are successful  at all levels, from complete beginner to advanced casters. I can highly recommend Keith for all things fishing, just don’t ask him to sing!

Philip White
FlyFishing Author, River Keeper, Casting Instructor, Guide and master fly tyer

I have fished for over 60 years and taught Fly Tying and fishing for over 50.  In that time I have met a small number of guys who stand apart as true specialists and who inspire others.  Keith is one of that small elite band.  His Streamers and method of fishing have certainly inspired this ‘old dog’ to try some new tricks when I get back on the river.

Jasper Mathews
Connemara Fishing Guide

I owe Keith for quite a few quality fish at this stage and for hours of frustration saved on learning to fish streamers, his flies work, his techniques work and he as a way of sharing them which instills confidence and gets results

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