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2022 New Fishing Season Resolutions: Things to do in 22!

As the holiday festivities and previous year’s wrap-ups fade away, we can all become inundated with resolutions, plans and goals for the coming year.  Even the forecasting of trends, projected happenings etc for the year ahead are covered across the media by pundits, journalists, opinion pieces, the whole spectrum.

With a quiet December behind us and most of the off season complete, we as anglers look forward to the New Year and of course the New Fishing Season!

Like a lot of you out there we have plans. We are hatching even more plans and we hope to share some of them with you, our visitors, readers and customers.

First thing is fingers crossed, we will avoid lockdowns, travel restrictions etc that will affect our fishing, especially domestically.

What’s on our to do list? Lots! It is an aspirational list after all!

We have some really exciting new streamers in development and should be available to you in 2022. The McGenius, Mary Banger & Co are getting new neighbours…. We are working on several more prototypes that will require some serious testing to see if they need any tweaking. Testing flies, our favourite job, lots of that in 2022 please!

We are working on several more prototypes that will require some serious testing to see if they need any tweaking.

Speaking of prototypes, Keith is super busy and has been for a while working on a Streamer specific rod…. Sssssshhhh.. say no more.. (Well, TC cannot wait to see what comes out of Keith’s streamer centric, trout loving, artistic yet practical headspace).

Streamer rod in the works. A glimpse of Keith's hand made Fighting butts and handles.

We are aiming to continue to add to our offerings, packages and advice here on and look forward to expanding our reach and continue to grow from our feedback and interactions with anglers from all over.

TC has a couple of areas of fishing that he needs to do some work on, following a winter of reading old angling books and their revelations. There was a lot more going on back in the day than greased lines, small click & pawl reels, tweeds and a lit pipe to act as a midge repellent.


We are planning  a series of blog posts where Keith and TC  go fishing with some of you, our customers on your local waters for trout etc and we fish those waters with you using our streamer offerings, techniques and see how we all do! This series will be called “Guided by our customers!” and is based on some of the excellent feedback we have been getting along with questions which come at us all the time!

If you fancy it, stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on that! We need volunteers!

We hope to attend an angling show or two, if they are going ahead? This is with a view to meeting people and showing what we have to offer and to converse with people in person. Oh, to stand in a hall full of stands of carbon, cork, goretex, coloured tweed contrasting against rows of polarised lenses, the smell of freshly unboxed PVC fly lines in the air…

We hope to attend an angling show or two, if they are going ahead

Keith fully intends to catch 10lbs wild brown trout from an Irish river. Could this year be the one? We have seen him displaying some odd behaviours lately like avoiding the cracks in the pavement! He plans to spend more time with his mouse flies. He is talking alot about Master Splinter flies and the Morrish mouse. He plans to go to Slovenia for hucho and then in summer for trout and to spend more time after a big Irish seatrout. He also mentioned removing all the flies from his hat and organising them chronalogically.

Avoiding the cracks.. here he takes pictures of them

Time to sort the hat flies out?

A previous trip to Slovenia, what a stunning place to fish!

We want to get a couple of fishy road trips set up so we can have those anxious days packing and watching weather reports and water levels and ears tuned to the bush telegraph of fishy happenings in the run up to it!

We have rivers and lakes here that are on our “to do bucket list” Places that due to limitations the last two years suffered as a result of “opportunity cost” where the call of the old reliable was too strong to ignore.  Beautiful places where we know we can target big fish are hard to forego especially when the options are uncharted to us and untested waters and the fear of failing on them…  Travelling to a new location and spending hours trying to find the spots that produce often to no avail can feel like a misuse of treasured fishing time.. It is not, we have learned so much by our failures, even though it can be hard to admit it.. We have to remember that when setting out our goals and aspirations for this New Year and New Season ahead.

So please stay tuning in to and share in our journeys in 2022 and likewise share your love of fly fishing and the outdoors with others in this coming year so that they too can experience this wonderful pastime. One prediction we have is that more people are starting to appreciate what fly fishing can offer them and as an activity it is growing. 

So here’s to 2022, the year of the fish! ( we say this every year!!!)

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To the owner, You always provide great examples and real-world applications.

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