Noah’s Ark


Noah’s Ark ! Literally two of everything! Our whole Impact collection x2 ! Makes a wonderful gift pack or automatic box filler! The Full Enhillada.

We will throw in a free Impact Supreme streamer leader & streamer tippet system with each of these orders so you can hang onto them for longer!

Free tracked & registered shipping too! No more excuses!!

Effin & Blindin x 2

Boyne Bugger x 2

McGenius x 2

Mary Banger x 2

Bottle of gas x 2

Knick Knack x 2

Pool Shark x 2

MiniĀ  Dungeon Olive x 2

Bank Robber Sculpin x 2

Mini Peanut Envy Natural x 2

Black Conehead Bugger x 2

Olive Bugger X2

Brown Bugger X 2

Grizzly Bugger x 2

Fire Tiger rubber Leg Bugger x 2

Sheelin Bigtimer x 2

Brown muddler X 2

Black muddler x 2

F Fly x 2