Knick Knack


“With a knick-knack paddywhack give the dog a bone” so goes this old nursery rhyme song where he played knick knack on the door in one of the verses.  “Knickknack” a game of hit & run where a door is banged on and the kid runs away to leave a bemused householder opening the door to no one.

This streamer knocks and opens doors to big trout! Hit & run with it! Cover the water and the Knick Knack will produce. We know Knick Knacks are little trinkets, ornaments too but do not leave it around the mantelpiece, fish it hard!

Sea trout inhale this thing and it is a great juvenile trout imitation..Yes the big trout eat their little brethren.

The Dry fly purists will be disgusted to learn that the flowing tails are made with the finest dry fly hackle.

Along with its terminator red eyes,  Copper Wing N Flash and cool mobile materials  it is more of a villain to trout than Gold fingers sidekick Nick Nack.

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