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Bottle of Gas Articulated Streamer


“Took it like a sham taking a bottle of gas”

A way of describing someone taking something with gusto and fleeing immediately! Akin to a quick theft, robbery, jumpover, where an item of value is taken and the offender makes good their escape.

Here in Ireland, the bottle of gas is a hefty cylinder which was ubiquitous at one stage before piped natural gas.  It was often stolen from garages, shops etc as easily sold or used, so the phrase crept into regular usage.

The “Bottle of gas” streamer picked up its name from this phrase as it is a substantial item, full of energy & value and when taken, it is done so with vigour!

A handsome streamer with a lot of movement thanks to its articulation, materials and Skullhead, it can prove an irresistible attraction to large trout who will take it and run!


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