KM Signature Pack & HeadRoom Streamer Box Combo deal!

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A full set of 9 Keith McDonnell Articulated Streamers housed in a Headroom Streamer Box where they can hang out  safely in luxurious comfort!

One each of Keith’s articulated streamers, the big guys, gals & heavy hitters!

McGenius, Effin & Blindin, Mary Banger, Boyne Bugger, Knick Knack, Bottle of Gas, Pool Shark & now with addition of Lester the Nighttfly & TriggerTreat swim flies!

Beautifully tied on the highest quality streamer hooks with the finest materials, you will be itching to get these beauties in the water!

A sweet deal of a combo pack here giving you all of the KM Signature Articulated Streamers and a Head Room box combined together for a saving of €11.65 over the individual pricing and we are throwing in free tracked postage!!

A great set up for your articulated streamer needs, just the present for yourself or someone else!

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Fly box colour

red, yellow, green