Woolly Bugger Pack


A dozen (12) of our Impact Buggers which comprise of an even mix of Skull heads and cone heads.

Not a bugger in the mould you may have previously seen of a 6X “streamer” hook (often of dubious quality, heavily wrapped in a poor chenille with a dusting of henhackle, lazy marabou and if lucky some lacklustre flash!

Oh no, our Impact  bugger is different. See and fish these beauties, from grizzly minnow version to Sheelin Humongous these are different to  some of the leaden lumpen versions out there.

Quality hooks, skullheads in some cases, UV eyes, sweet proportions..we could keep on going…

Please check them out on our pages.. You can see the difference in the photos,,,the difference in the water that you have to see yourself…..

You get a nice discount by buying together too!

Black Conehead Bugger x 2

Olive Bugger X2

Brown Bugger X 2

Grizzly Bugger x 2

Fire Tiger rubber Leg Bugger x 2

Sheelin Humugous x 2

We recommend use of Impact Streamer leader and Impact streamer tippet with our streamers.